Buttons must have discernible text

You may of come across the rule “Buttons must have discernible text” when running accessibility audits or using automated tools such as axe-core.

The rule is a relative simple rule, and in most cases (depending on your site) a small fix. The simplicity of the rule is something you need to account for if you are using automation tools, or running automated audits.

By nature of the rule the pass criteria for is very simple – does a button have a discernible text value. Let’s take the axe-core information on what would allow for this rule to pass for a button –

  • Inner text that is discernible to screen reader users.
  • Non-empty aria-label attribute.
  • aria-labelledby pointing to element with text which is discernible to screen reader users (i.e. not display: none; or aria-hidden="true".
  • role="presentation" or role="none" (ARIA 1.1) and is not in tab order (tabindex="-1").

Those points are straight forward, using either one of the different techniques ensure the button has discernible text – Pass!

Now lets look at some example code (The SVG isn’t complete as the path value was removed to keep it short – the SVG in the example below is of the twitter bird icon/logo)

  <button title="twitter" type="button" class="shareButton">
    <svg width="24" height="24" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" viewBox="0 0 512 512">

We have a button that has the twitter icon within it – so it’s a icon button that as you may of noticed with the class name it is a share button. A typical scenario for a lot of websites these days, providing a button near the article or page showing the icon of a social network that allows you to quickly share the content.

So the example passes all automated tests. Which is good and bad, yes there is the added title attribute to provide the button with a text value. But the primary issue here, and that goes for relying on automated tools alone is context – the tools are unable to determine the context of the element and if the text is going to provide any meaning the user.

Some possible better values of the title attributes that could be used –

  • Share on Twitter
  • Share current [page/article] to Twitter
  • Share [article title] on Twitter

The first two would be pretty simple updates to make, the third could be a little more tricky depending on the way the site is built and the share buttons are built – but it’s not an unreasonable ask.

The updated version of what would still pass all the test but also provide a more meaningful text value to all.

  <button title="Share Buttons must have discernible text article on Twitter" type="button" class="shareButton">
    <svg width="24" height="24" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" viewBox="0 0 512 512">

If you have run a lighthouse audit with the accessibility option enable you may of come across the following –

Only a subset of accessibility issues can be automatically detected so manual testing is also encouraged

This highlights the need for manual testing – but just because something passed an automated test it doesn’t mean it’s correct. It’s always worth manually testing your entire site and also using real users. Ensuring the passed tests are valid and make sense within the context of your site.

Sass – the irresponsible loops

As Uncle Ben says

With great power comes great responsibility

Pre-processors are pretty popular these days for writing CSS, the enhancements they bring to CSS authoring is a great addition even if it’s just for variables (yes I know of CSS variables). There are also a ton of other features available in such tools.

One such great item is the ability to write loops, for those not familiar with loops in programming they provide the ability to write code that repeats the block of code within the loop multiple times based on a set of conditions. That’s a pretty basic explanation, and loops can provide great power for repeated tasks.

With that last point, “great power for repeated task” – With Sass this can also mean extra outputted CSS. Which can lead to increased CSS file size. In the grand scheme of things may not seem to be that big of a deal but this can lead to extra bandwidth being used by end users, less performant websites, etc.

Example with output within a loop

Here we have a two font variables that we are generating helper classes for using a simple loop. Seems simple enough. But when you look at the output. It may simple obvious on what it may be – we get an output for each loop item.

Loop with placeholder and @extend

By utilising a couple more of Sass feature (yes we write more Sass for less CSS) we can update the code to reduce the complied CSS. By using Sass placeholder selectors and the @extend at-rule we can update the loop to just extend a placeholder. By default the Sass placeholder selector will not output itself, you have to use the @extend at-rule to. For each time you use the @extend inside a selector it reuses the placeholder styles and adds the selector to the list as shown below


With any pre-processors or tool you are using to generate the items you are serving to you end users. You should, You must pay attention to the generated output. Something that may seem inconspicuous could turn out to be doing more than you expected.

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