Quickly snooze all notifications in Mac OS

Been on a conference call and heard notifications going off, or ever been giving a demo of something via screen share and had notifications popping up on the screen? Or even have your next meeting notifications keep popping up from your calendar application. Yep! It’s pretty annoying. I find it more annoying from the receiving end, and very embarrassing from the person who is creating them or having to dismiss them during calls.

It’s so simple to avoid it’s a quick keyboard and mouse click shortcut. ⌥ + Click the Notifications icon in the top right of you Mac and you will snooze all notification on your Mac.

Mac OS Notifications Snooze

GitHub Project Pages Source

GitHub Pages Repository Settings

Something I recently found out was you serve your GitHub repositories on your github.io domain like so: <username>.github.com/<repository-name>. So I have matthewroach.github.io and I wanted to add a page for one of repositories so people could see a demo of the code. After some time just waiting for GitHub to deploy the page it was beginning to fell like I was missing a piece of the puzzle. The site matthewroach.github.io was all working, but trying to visit the project page: matthewroach.github.io/react-placeholder was giving me 404. After some searching around I was not getting my info on what I was missing then I discovered there is a setting inside of the repository settings to turn on GitHub pages for repository. My guess is that I was using the Master branch, this leading it to not be active by default. Quick switch in the settings to tell it to use master and within minutes I could see my project page in all it’s glory.