Apple Family account payment details are a real pain when you have two parents set up. Why can’t each parents account still be separate?

Glad I never paid for delivery on my Apple order. Ordered yesterday estimated to arrive Monday just delivered..

Life’s simple pleasures writing HTML and CSS (Scss) and producing documentation along side the components

Reviewing a PR – Me: Do we really need this <br /> tag can we not solved with CSS…. A few moments go by, PR Updated word-spacing: 1000000000000px;

Xbox and Microsoft accounts! Just spent an hour trying to set up my son with his own account on his Xbox and move all his game info over from him using my account to find out it’s not possible. So he’s back playing on my account

Thinking of getting a floor mat for under my chair to help movement on carpet, does anyone use one? Any recommendations?

Researching Air Conditioning for the house! Having a brand new house with so much insulation makes for a super hot upstairs!

This week I’ll be walking the highest peak in Wales, England and Scotland all within 24 hours. If you are able to spare a some change and would like to sponsor for charity that would be much appreciated –

Looks like Apple have dropped the MacBook from their line up. Not sure why it’s a great little machine…