Two lots of physio this morning, NHS and Private. First was the NHS they have said this may just be the range of movement I am left with in my elbow…

Working from a cottage for a few days before a couple days off for July 4th… And it’s mobile WiFi only – let’s see how it holds up

Going to concert at Hampden Park this evening and not having any luck finding information on parking locations. Hampden Park site says look at Glasgow Council website, which also says no parking on event days. Anyone have any tips?

Joining a 75 minute queue to meet Rapunzel… For any other character that would of been a no, but it’s Alice’s favourite, plus side the waiting area has air conditioning

Big todo list of things to do and tidy up today before heading off on a weeks vacation … to Disneyland Paris 😁

Working on a prototype for Kindergarten aged children makes having a child around that age perfect for testing and validating ideas. Alice aced the test with very little guidance or help.

End of the week win – I’ve just pushed code to a new project that is set up to consume our shared components from our very small design system. Next steps is to incrementally add to it

Constantly hearing Slack notification arrive to someone over a GoToMeeting gets a little annoying very quickly