The final week of school holidays, and I have the week off. Day 1: Rain and dentist… It can only get better from here.

Bring coat as looks like it’s going rain… Don’t bother bringing it from car to Starbucks, now it’s starts chucking it down!

I’ve never used Siri. Always turned it off on all my devices. Looking into either the Amazon Echo or Google Home but struggling to see why I would need one or what I would use it for? Maybe a Sonos is more my thing.

My BT broadband is constantly disconnecting every minute or two tonight. It’s getting a little annoying to say the least!

Trip to the cinema with the wife and son… Let’s see what this new Spider-Man movie is all about

Rebuilding one of my vagrant boxes in Starbucks 5 minutes before I need to leave… The race is on!

Really enjoying the Stages Podcast, great insight and chat around the Tour!

What a crazy stage in the Tour de France today! Everything thrown into the mix. Such a shame for Porte.