Been a while since I’ve burned the midnight oil! May pay for it tomorrow, but at least there’s an afternoon on the couch watching the Rugby 🏉

I am always the last out of the house and today that caused me to get locked inside of my own home, resulting in a text to my wife “Want to let me out the house”

http status codes – A very popular area of contention with developers. Many of hours wasted on discussing with one to use over the other! If all fails 418 and put the kettle on!

Current BT broadband package is coming to an end, my options – I could stay on current package or upgrade to save £4 a month, or if I was a brand new customer I would save £23 a month get a free amazon echo and £80 reward card. I guess loyalty gets you nothing these days!

Looking to get my son a phone, would love to avoid android for certain reasons, are there better alternatives over a pricey Apple device?

House back to full temperature now, engineer turned up within an hour and fixed the issue! Bit of water in pipe made it freeze, due to poor fitting from the start

Apple just put their iPhone SE on their clearance store. /cc @patrickrhone