Apple just put their iPhone SE on their clearance store. /cc @patrickrhone

Looking at getting some prints made from digital photos. What people’s recommendations for high quality print services?

Pushed over the Edge…

With news that Microsoft is giving up on EdgeHTML and switching to a chromium based rendering engine doesn’t mean everyone on Windows will benefit, think of all those existing computers out there that still have Edge or even IE11, heck even older you know there are still users out there using older versions!

Use data to validate you’re user base, but most important ensure all users have an experience you are happy with no matter what browser/device they are using. In the long run this may be for the better, but the short term it means another browser to add to the list of browsers you need to test with. As Edge is already in the wild, it’s not going to go anywhere anytime soon.

See lots of people complain about eBay, I have a couple of tech accessories to sell and curious what’s the best place or way to go about selling them?

The dark mode is nice in Mojave if apps supported it better. But a big issue is a think I am in incognito mode all the time.

Living in a new house where they are still building more around us has its downsides like today, where my monitor is continuously shaking as they are doing some ground drilling in the plot next to us.