End of the week win – I’ve just pushed code to a new project that is set up to consume our shared components from our very small design system. Next steps is to incrementally add to it

Constantly hearing Slack notification arrive to someone over a GoToMeeting gets a little annoying very quickly

Matthew 0 – Einstein (Dog) 2
Amazing how much force they have added with just being clumsy, leads to injuries.

Slipping and falling on your fractured arm is more painful than the initial fracture. Damn that was sore!

Sat on a stationary train doesn’t have much impact on work when you work remote, and have a cup of tea with you

Being into ergonomics and having a proper home office set up is helping as much as it can with a broken arm to ease back into work

Fracturing my radius head yesterday wasn’t the best way to spend my Sunday. Even worse it was my left arm… and guess what arm I write with?

This summer me and others are doing the three peaks challenge, if you are able to give them its much appreciated – https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/3peakschallengejuly2019