Learning about accessibility is about guidance and showing potential issues. For example providing insight into possible alt text issues on none decorative images, expanded tip based on Addy Osmani’s recent tweet. Valid ALT text?

Filling in a form and come across – “Delete day as appropriate”
It always confuses me as to which item to delete/mark off…

The alternative Creme Egg… Need to try and compare to a real one https://www.hollandandbarrett.com/shop/product/mummy-meagz-vegan-chuckie-egg-60038851?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=organicsocial&utm_campaign=npd&utm_content=chuckieegg

I got told I have to accept any parcels being delivered at this time of year with my eyes closed… Working at home leads to no surprises from the big man next week… @pamelaroach

Received my voting card today to find there is no Green Party representative in Dumfries and Galloway… #greenparty

CSS Grid would solve this… But as it can have unknown columns based on content and needing to support IE11.. I think I am at the limit and will have to not use grid