Standing Desk: Day 5

Day 5, the last day of the week. A morning standing again, seems to be a lot of mornings this week standing (4 out of the 5), just the way the week played out with Holidays and work, etc.

Standing this morning was again very much a norm. I tried again with not wearing anything foot wear to see if I got sore feet again, turns out I did, but I managed to get through without putting anything on my feet, maybe not a wise decision.

All in all I think the first week of trying a standing desk has gone very well. A few questions/ anwsers to which I had for myself before deciding to try the standing desk.

Was it as I expected?

Not 100%, but I felt quite comfortable in the position, and was happy to do my daily tasks as normal, it felt a little strange at times.

Bad Bits?

Not many. One thing I began to notice more towards the end of the week as I get into the stride of working standing up was the movement of my monitor when typing lots. It was starting to shake/wobble, I have put this down to the set up. (Would love to try a better standing solution to see if that suffers the same).

As said a few times already this week, the sore feet was a bad bit. I’ll need to see how this goes over time.

Overall, I felt it has been a good week, and am looking forward to more time at the standing desk, not sure if I could manage a full day standing (maybe a day with a few meetings), but I think over the coming months I’ll have a try to see what it’s like. I would recommend anyone who is considering trying the standing desk thing to give it a try (you can build one for under £30), you may surprise yourself, or you may just hate it. For now I am still sat in the middle of hate it/love it. What I do love tho is having the ability to be able to switch, and the switch is not too trouble some. You do need a bit of room to store the contraption tho.

Standing Desk: Day 4

After yesterdays afternoon of standing, I left my desk in the standing mode and started the day of standing, I had the afternoon off. With standing all afternoon yesterday I was looking forward to standing again this morning, with it being a fresh day, and a meeting scheduled for first thing it was a rather quick morning with just a couple of hours standing in total, which was a breeze, looking forward to standing again in the morning.

Standing Desk: Day 3

Day 3 of standing desk was an afternoon stint, as per other days I’ve been building up the standing desk working. As the afternoon stint is slightly longer at the office (well depends when you take your lunch). It turned out to be the middle of the week when I did the afternoon standing. It’s only about an hour longer at the most but I was worried that extra hour might be a little too much and I would start to slouch and get tired.

It turns out I was right to be slightly worried, towards the end of the day I could tell I was getting tired, and knew I had been standing for the past few hours. In the other stints of standing earlier in the week the few hours were broken up with meetings and other various items, whereas this afternoon’s stint I was stood at my desk for the majority of it (give or take a couple of trips to kettle).

Looking forward to doing another afternoon standing to see how it goes second time around.

Standing Desk: Day 2

After spending yesterday morning standing, and working from home in afternoon, this meant I would start day 2 working in the standing position. After yesterday’s finding that shoes helped with the standing I started of the day wearing shoes and that seemed better.

The afternoon I switched out from standing to sitting, and sitting felt very different. I noticed that my sitting position had changed, but for the better. I felt my sitting position was better, it did take a little adjustment to get back used to sitting.

Tomorrow I plan to sit for the morning, and then switch to standing after lunch. Lunch is around 12:30, and lasts an hour, this giving me a four hour stint in the afternoon, and after eating so I am intrigued how the afternoon stint will be compared to a morning.

Standing Desk: Day 1

So far so good on the standing desk front, as it’s a Monday I usually do the morning in the office and then the afternoon at home to collect my son, so I thought today would be a great day to start experiment, hoping to ease in to it and see how it goes.

Initial thoughts from doing the morning standing up, it’s different. Have not found it uncomfortable yet, but regular trips to the kettle to fill up on tea helps stretch the leg. One thing I noticed, but this may due to the floor in our office, is that I had to put my slippers on (yes I have slippers at the office, they are for the winter time) due to my feet not getting much support. Not sure if a standing desk mat would help. Maybe over time the feet will get used to it.

Here to day 2. Will be starting the morning off standing again…

Standing desk for under £30 – without Ikea

The past few weeks I’ve been looking more into getting a standing desk, and this week I am going to be giving the standing desk a good work out.

There a tons of resources and stand/sit desk setups out there, but unless you have tons of money to experiment with them all it’s hard to work out which solutions would be best, so rather then spend a small fortune I’ve made my own, so I can validate if a standing desk is going to worth all the expense. If you Google Standing desks, you will find a host of results of DIY articles, or articles showing people who have made their own. I came across the following article “A standing desk for $22“, while I don’t live near an Ikea, I decided to see if I could make something very similar.

And…. I managed it, all from local stores, (well big chain stores, but all bought locally)

I bought the following:

With my gear bought and my drill in hand, I measured up the items, and built myself a standing desk, and it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself, see for yourself: (Updates to follow on how I get on with the set up.)

Standing Desk