Another year goes by… and as I think back on the year there were some ups and downs.

We went on our first “proper” family holiday – We went to Disneyland Paris for 4 days during the summer. Would not of been my first pick, but with two young children it made sense and it was actually very good. It was a very busy and VERY hot 4 days and we didn’t go in the height of summer (thankfully) either. Overall it was an amazing experience, that each of us all had something fun to take away from it.. (Le’ts not mention the birthday cake singing for myself organized by my wife – note for future don’t go on holiday to somewhere like Disneyland over my birthday).

The biggest item of year for me was completing the 3 peaks during the summer, something I’ll not forget for a while. But also something I would recommend to do.

The training for the 3 peaks made up for the limit access I was getting at the gym due to me being little stupid and fracturing my radial head. It didn’t stop the walking too much, putting a backpack on wasn’t very simply, neither is it to do still. I managed to make it 33 years before properly breaking a bone, and for doing something very silly and not needed. There was a fence involved that I didn’t quite manage to fully jump over. The most annoying thing of the whole fracture is I still have limited movement and some pain. Off to see a specialist in early 2020 to see if there is anything that’s able to be done.

At the end of the year I joined The Washington Post, after spending just over 3 years with my previous company a new adventure and change was needed, and having just completed my first month all has been going very well, making good progress and contributing within the team very well I am looking forward to diving in deeper next year and beyond and see what challenges lie ahead.

National Three Peaks Challenge

Towards the start of the year, Mark the owner of the gym I go to mentioned he was planning to do the Three Peaks Challenge for charity and was wondering if I and a couple of the other people from the gym would do it too. I wasn’t 100% sure at first, a little bit of research and having looked at the calendar turns out we had about 4 to 5 months depending on the date we would set for it so I thought why not.

Well, the weekend just gone (Saturday 20th July 2019) was the day we started the 24 hour challenge, and we finished it within 24hours on Sunday morning.

Everything you read about doing the Three Peaks Challenge talks about starting at Ben Nevis and finishing at Snowdon, but we decided to do it the other way around, mainly because we all live in Scotland and it’s about the same distance home if not a few minutes quicker.

Three Peaks Challenge results

Peak 1 – Snowdon

Distance: 12.49 km
Time: 3hours 16minutes 40seconds

We started Snowdon at 09:52 on Saturday morning, we planned to start at 10am but we were ready to go and the weather wasn’t very pleasant so we just got going. To start with the weather was dry but very low cloud. We took the Pyg Track up from Pen-y-pass, reaching the summit just around 11:30 where visibility was next to nothing a quick picture at the top to mark the achievement and then started making our descent. From the top to the junction on the ridge for the Pyg Track was full wind and rain due to the weather we opted to return on the Miners track as most of the Pyg Track path up was rock and lots of  rnning water. Having stated the hostel across the road from the car park at Pen-y-pass upon return to the van we grab a quick shower to warm back and before heading north to Scafell.


Peak 2 – Scafell

Distance: 9 km
Time: 3hours 3minutes 42seconds

After the roughly 4 and half hour drive with a stop for some food and fuel we arrived at Wasdale Head car park around 6:15pm, and begun our walk at 6:24pm. Having walked Scafell Peak just over a month ago we knew was was in store and to say the second time up it wasn’t any easier. Scafell is much different to Snowdon, it’s shorter and steeper which means you get straight into it and start climbing – Once you’ve walked up and across a grass field you are straight into the rocky path that’s just keeps on going. We decided to go up the shorter route which means taking the path to the right when you reach Hollow Stones, this involves a bit of a scramble up a steep loose rocky section. We summited the peak just after 8pm, quick snack and drink then made our way back down the other path to be safer. After doing Snowdon in the rain, tackling Scafell in the early evening setting sun was a completely different walk and it provided some amazing views that made the walk so much more enjoyable.


Peak 3 – Ben Nevis

Distance: 16.63 km
Time: 5hours 41minutes 22seconds

We arrived at the car park at the bottom of Ben Nevis just after 3am Sunday morning to tackle the last of the three peaks after a night drive from Scafell, a few hours sleep for myself, and not much for any one else is appears we decided to take a little breather and set off a 4am to give us a bit more natural light and to time our arrival back to the car park for after 9am so that all the people who had come up to congratulate us would be there. We decided to walk Ben Nevis starting at the Ben Nevis Inn.

With our head torches on we set of at a steady pace from the car park, knowing this one was the longest and likely to the be the hardest after the other two – how wrong were we! 10 miles round trip for Ben Nevis and boy you felt it, it felt so much longer. The ascent was hard going some times you felt like you had walked half a mile to check the track and only a hundred meters or so. The weather wasn’t in our favour, but for the first half of the way up it was foggy, little bits of rain here and there but generally not bad for walking, the second half was a whole other story visibility was down to around 20 meters, there was wind and rain and it was much colder than the lower slopes.

Eventually we arrived at the summit just after 7am the ascent was just over 3hours. At the summit there was a small rescue shelter we took some cover in from the elements added another layer of clothing for the descent and made some phone calls and messages to loved one to tell the world we made it. Amazing that there was 4G at the top in that weather. A 10 minute stop and refuel before we tackled the descent. Descending was quicker than the ascent but not any easier. The legs were feeling it now, the knees where starting to ache from the impacts of the descent. The descent seemed to take forever and as we thought we were getting closer to the end there always seemed to be “another” corner, looking at the clock we had to start to pick the pace up a little if we were to complete it within the 24 hours. Then we came around another corner and there was the carpark with a small group of friends and family waiting for us.

09:42 we arrived at the start of the Ben Nevis climb! 23hours 50minutes after we started Snowdon we had completed the Three Peaks Challenge.



2018 was a big year for some personal items most notably purchasing our first house, a little late getting on to the property ladder, the last decade or more it’s been increasing hard for first time buyers, finally we managed to do it and it’s been amazing to really call a place home, and put our mark (where possible it’s a new build) on it, next year we will be able to add some more marks most notably do some painting to brighten it up — with new builds they recommend waiting at least twelve months before plaiting to let the house settle and dry out.

Owning our own house gave us the opportunity to finally add another addition to the family, that of the four legged kind. We have always talked of getting a dog (cat’s seem to be more accepted within the rental market), and during the summer we added Einstein to the family, a fox red Labrador who is amazing, and both children adore him — still not convinced Fred (the cat) has taken to him yet but there’s still plenty of time for them to finally allow me to get some pictures of them cuddled up together sleeping like best buddies.

Couple of months after moving into our home I joined a gym, not your typical gym. I wasn’t after a membership to a room full of equipment for me to eventually stop going. This gym has a focus on functional fitness, lots of classes during the week which is a big focus. As my work schedule is a little different to the normal, I work an offset day to provide more overlap with the East coast of the US I was finding that I was working too much — trying to make up time in the mornings when the US was asleep but then also feeling guilty for not being online during their afternoon hours. This was leading to me not getting out much, getting exercise and starting to mentally struggle to keep up with everything. By joining the gym that has morning sessions four days a week it provided me a way to enforce I wasn’t working too much, getting me back into shape and making new friends. In the eight months of attending the gym I am a jean size smaller (only a few kilo’s lighter) and much stronger physically and mentally.

The finally thing of 2018 that was a huge achievement was me and my wife celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary which I’ve wrote about in a separate post.


Looking ahead to 2019 I am planning to make the year about Focus.

My primary focus will be on my family and health, professionally I am putting focus into areas that really excite me and try not to spread myself across all areas. With some recent changes this is heading in the right direction, the start of the year will provide the time to ensure steps are in place to move it towards where I want it to be.

10 Years

10 years ago, December 19th 2008 — I married the love of my life, and I promised her I would take her to New York one day. As the years passed by it started to feel a lot like Carl and Ellie’s story, an adventure that kept us both going. Next year we will go… Life carried on always with a trip to New York in the back of our minds, it would come up from time to time, life would get in the way. Three years ago we had another child and it just felt so far away this allusive trip to New York City. That was until the start of the year where we put a plan together to ensure we made it to the Big Apple this year! The plan to save and book early to ensure we did make it this year.

April 2018 we booked our flights to Stewart International, we jumped on the early release tickets for Norwegian Air’s new destination this year of non-stop flights from Edinburgh to Stewart International (requires a 90minutes shuttle to Manhattan at $20 each for each way).

With the flights booked, we were half way there to a half organized week in NYC, we kept and eye on hotel prices and waited a few months before booking them. Given we had booked our flights and were looking around for hotels, and all the tourist things we would want to do in the 5.5 days we would be in NYC I started to think to myself what could I do that would be super special for our 10 year anniversary which would happen on the Wednesday of our trip (middle of the trip). I am not sure what exactly made it jump to my mind but once I thought of it I knew I had to do all I could to ensure it happened. The plan was for me to arrange for us to renew our vow’s in Central Park. What better way to surprise Pamela and mark our 10 years together, with all life’s thrown at us through thick and thin, I knew this would be the best thing I could do for my wife, show her what she means to me and show her that I am here to stay by committing myself again to her for life!

The idea of doing a vow renewal came to me around the middle of May, and for the next couple of weeks I did all the research I could do. I thought that it shouldn’t be too hard too organise, opposed to a full on wedding where you need to get all sorts of paper work organised, and not least it being in a different country to add in to the mix. With it not being a marriage it should be less hoops to jump through. Upon my research it was apparent I wasn’t the first and not the last to think of this, and there were tons of companies you could pay to organise all the parts for you. This seemed to be the simplest and slightly more expensive option, even the most convenient and less stressful way of organising such an event. After some emailing between a few different companies to get prices and information on what’s involved with such a ceremony I decided to use Simply Eloped, after having a good feeling with the initial communications and with them being very open and forth coming, I never got the feeling I was asking to much of them, they would respond with answers to all my questions not matter how simple they seemed.

By the end of May I had it all booked up and ready, date saved, permit organised and communication with the officiant and photographer had begun. May! 7 months before the big day! How am I supposed to keep this a secret… Well that I managed to do until about 2 minutes before we began the ceremony. A couple of months out from December I had to give some details to Pamela around a possible “event” I had organised, the details I provided were that she would need to be a “Smart Casual” dress and then about a month before we were due to fly out I then told her she should look at getting her hair down in the morning, with the event being around lunch time, all the time being very careful as to not give away to many details but trying to ensure I gave her enough details to ensure she wouldn’t be annoyed to not have been prepared for getting photo’s taken.

As the big day arrived I was pretty nervous, as it was a big surprise for Pamela, and I wasn’t 100% sure how it would go down, the morning started with us going to a salon to have Pamela’s hair done, then a big a brunch as the ceremony was at 1pm which made it a little awkward to do a proper lunch, get ready and get to the location. Trying to pass time was hard, and I was trying not to say anything, I wanted to go for the big reveal and leave it to the last minute. After getting ready and heading to the subway to make our way north and into Central Park, I was sure Pamela would figure out what was going on, but turns out I was wrong. We arrived at the Ladies Pavilion which is on the West Side of central park roughly half way up the West side, not too awkward to get to on foot from a subway, thankfully the weather was good a little on the cold side but bearable. Upon approaching the Ladies Pavilion, there was someone sat in the pavilion reading which as we soon found out was our officiant – Who thought I was going to pop the question, she was surprised how young we were. I gave it a couple of moments before I asked if she was who I thought she was, someone from Simply Eloped, by replying she was Sarah our officiant I let her know Pamela still didn’t know why we were here, it was at this point I let Pamela know what we were doing in the middle of Central Park in the middle of the day on out 10 year wedding anniversary, and minutes later we stood in front of each other while Sarah out officiant gave a beautiful reading and we renewed our vows, and exchanged rings again pleading our love for each other and making the commitment once again to be husband and wife, till death do us part.

After the reading a vows renewed we spent the next hour getting photo’s taking around Central Park.

Giving Blood

Today I donated blood.

This was the first time I have ever donated blood, and the second time in my life I have had blood taken (that I remember – may of done as a child but don’t recall). After the birth of our second child things went a little scary and my wife ended up having to have two blood transfusion within 48 hours of Alice being born. At the time I just took it as that’s what was needed, and it never really occurred to me that people needing blood is a very common thing, according to blood Scotland someone is receiving blood every minute of the day. It never quite occurred to me this blood comes from the donations of the general public.

After looking into giving blood, it was a very simple process. I entered my details on the scotblood website, within a few days a letter came through giving me details of giving blood. Then within a couple weeks I received my first blood donation letter with details of the time and place I could go give blood, this contained a simple health questionnaire to fill in pre arrival. I decided today as the day I was going give blood, filled in the form, and went along to the donation centre. An hour and half later I walked out having donated around a pint of blood. It’s a simple process and something you can only do three times a year, that’s not a lot of blood to give for a whole year, especially for the amount of blood that is required. I will be going back in a few months for my next donation, and I plan to continue doing it!

Have you thought about giving blood? If not you can find more details on scotblood.co.uk if your in Scotland, or blood.co.uk if your are in England or Wales.

Professional Scrum Master I

Back in 2014 I took the notion to learn more about “scrum” an agile methodology for software development. Getting a book and reading what I could on the internet about the subject. Then last year I was involved as a developer within a scrum team. Along the way I was taking note of the different items around scrum, picking up different parts of the methodology, getting involved and asking question.

As time went on I decided I really liked the idea of “scrum” and the methodology, and in the last quarter of 2015 I started looking into scrum master certifications, and to getting a much better understanding. My research lead me to scrum.org where you can do an online assessment for the PSM I (Professional Scrum Master I). Scrum.org does not require a course to be taking, but it’s recommended. After more research I found people stating that if you’ve been involved in the scrum process and have do your own homework you should be able to pass the test. So I decided this is the route I would go, using the hands on knowledge I’ve acquired from being part of a scrum team, and doing my own research to gain a PSM I certification. I was surprised at how much homework I had to do to get up to speed, just being part of a scrum team did not provide me with all the knowledge. I took about a month to do all the research and reading to make sure I was ready for the online assessment.

I finally took the time on Saturday night to take the online assessment, and at $150 a test I wanted to make sure I passed first time. To pass you are required to get at least 85% from the 80 questions they provide, and you only have 60 minutes to take it. It’s been a while since I’ve sat a test, and I was pretty nervous about it. And to think 60 minutes is a lot of time, it’s not really, I had 10 minutes to spare after going back through the questions to check my answers, before I finally decided to hit the save and finish button. You get the results instantly which is nice, and I am glad to say I passed with a 91.3% score. They also generate a certification for you too to download if you so wish.


Following on from last year’s little round up, here’s 2015’s round up.

That seemed like a short year, it felt like a lot has happened and also not a lot. 

I never wrote what I had planned for 2015. I did not accomplish all I had planned to, while some of these are long term goals and not necessary restricted to just one year they will remain on the list again for next year. Some of the long term goals have moved along nicely, while others are either dormant or need a little TLC.

I wanted to read more [books] this year, and I would say I failed, having only read five books (3 reviews posted on here). Five is only one more than 2014, and I started reading in the summer in 2014 after getting a kindle. So next year I am making a much better effort to increase this amount. Even though I said I failed at reading more books, I have read a lot more on-line over the last year, I’ve found some great websites (blogs) that I follow with RSS and I am making a much better effort to read the articles/post’s published.

Personally it was a big year, with the birth of our second child Alice. Alice was born on 1st May 2015, and these past 8 months seem to have flown by, she has transformed so much. Looking forward to seeing her learn to walk early in the me new year, as she is able to climb up against items and stand.

Professionally it was an interesting year. I’ve worked on some great products for both the company and clients. Got my hands dirty with some new technology and languages, which will continue to grow going forward. 

We got a bunch of electric sit-stand desks at the office which was amazing, and I’ve been using one full time since they came in early December.

On top of that, in the last third of the year I was given 20% time. So I could spend time to research and investigate the moving industry. With the plan to look at ways to implement new tools, techniques, software, and processes into the work we do. I have made a good start, and have some things which we will be starting in the new year that I am super excited for. (Just incase your interested we are hiring)

One thing which I noticed the past year is I’ve down far less side projects. I know the reason for this and I plan to fix the issue, but not for the plan to do more side projects. 

Where did my time go?

Over the past 6 months, there would be days I would leave work and ask myself, what did I achieve today?

It was not always like this, as time has gone on I have taken on a more leadership based developer role that means I have to also task other developers with work during the day, help them out, more communication and meetings.

When I first started I would be doing 6 to 7 hours of development time, I’d probably be lucky to hit 4 or 5 of decent development time. This obviously comes with the territory of moving up in the world.

At the beginning of the year I decided I want to work out exactly where my time was being spent during a working day, to see if I could change how I plan my work days to be more productive. Much searching of the good old internet did not really lead me anywhere. I struggled to find something that would give me the insight I was after. Until one day someone on Twitter mentioned Rescue Time. I headed straight over to check it out, and since installing it 5 weeks ago I haven’t looked back.

Rescue Time

Rescue Time sits quietly in the background of the computer monitoring the applications you are using, for web browsers it can monitor the actual websites you have been visiting. Once installed there is pretty much nothing to do, give it a couple of days to monitor your usually activity then log in to the Rescue Time dashboard and see it’s tracking everything OK. You may need to categorise some of the software and websites you visit, as the application does not have categories for everything.

One tip I found was if you do web development use host names for each client/ project you work on so you can easily see which clients/ projects your time is being spent on.

As Rescue Time sits quietly in the background just monitoring your application usage, there’s not much else to do, you can login to the dashboard at any time to see your stats, it’s updated relatively quickly as you will see after installing it.
You can set daily goals, I currently have two goals set:
1. More than two hours per day on Software Development
2. Less than 2 hours per day on All Distracting Time

These are the defaults, I’ve not changed them as I wanted to set a base to work from then adjust over time.
Each week you can choose to receive a weekly report via email on the week just past. It’s a good way to get insight into the previous week, just the other week I forgot I had Rescue Time installed until I got my weekly email.

At the moment I am still using the Lite version, and it’s providing a great insight to how I spend my time. The reports are detailed enough if I want to drill down into where exactly my time is going.

Having had the application installed for over a month I have gotten a good insight into my work days/weeks and where my time is being spent, and how over the course of a day my time is being distributed between different items. One of the biggest shocks from using Rescue Time was how much time is actually spent in different applications, you may think you are only spending a few minutes here and there, but when you add these few minutes up over the course of a day they can easily turn into hours. The biggest shock for me was the amount of time that was spent in communication (Email and Chat).

Based on these findings I am going to adjust some items in my work day to see if I can find a better structure to my working day to improve my time distribution. Obviously this is quite hard due to factors that are out of my control, for example; When another developer needs my time to discuss work, or chat about something I may have asked them to do.
These sorts of distractions are hard to account for, but I think a better structured day will help in general to ensure I am getting the best use out of my time.

Below is my dashboard showing my logged time for February up until end of work today.

Rescue Time Dashboard

Valentines Day

Me and my wife have been together for just over 7 years, and we have never given each other a valentines day card or gifts, and we don’t plan on changing that!

The reason we don’t do valentines day is because we don’t need a specific day in a year to remind us to show our other half what we mean to each other, by wasting money on silly merchandise.

Instead we show our love to each other at all time throughout the year!


This is not a regular thing for me, to recap on my year but for the past few days I’ve been thinking back about this year as a whole to remember the good and bad times, and to take time to reflect on the year. When I thought back, it was amazing to think some of the things I remember were actually this year as they feel like so long ago. Not sure if that’s me growing up more or just the way of life, but man this year has been a blast and a lot has happened!

Looking back on the year a few things stand out for me, I have either written about here or not:

On a personal note the biggest highlight of the year was me and my wife getting the excellent news that we are going to be parents again!

Baby Number 2

Onto 2015, I am not going to write out on here what I am planning for the following year but I do have a list (yes a paper list) of my plans and ideas for the coming year, some of these things while end up on here.

More Loss

Just over two months from my previous loss, I get a phone call with more bad news. This loss was rather strange compared to the previous, completely out of the blue. Me and my wife where on our way to a wedding, which was the start of a few days away, where we would end up meeting with my parents for a weekend break. So when my phone rang around lunch time, just as we had arrived early at the church, nothing was out of the ordinary, the caller was my father, so everything seemed fine, and the last thing I would of expected him to tell me was that my Nan (my mothers, mother) had been found dead in her home.

It has all been a bit strange for me since hearing my dad tell me the news. Not strange in a way that I’ve not been able to get on with stuff, but more strange in a way that I don’t think it has hit me like it probably should have. In bad situations I always try and put on brave face, mainly for the people around me, but this time it was different, I can not put my finger on it.
It’s not as if I wasn’t close with my Nan, but over the last 5 or so years I can probably count on two (possible one) hand(s) the amount of times I had visited/seen her, it’s strange as I’ve been in the town where she lived quite a lot, visiting family, but I always go to my fathers mothers. Which is also the town our family call home.
This town is where I spent the first 9 years of my life, and where both sides of my family all still live. This 9 or so years where all spent within a few doors of my nan as we lived on the same street as her, even when we moved away my mum would bring her to own house for a week once or twice a year for a little holiday.

But, for some strange reason the phone call from my dad did not have a massive impact on me, I felt something but it was not the same feeling I’ve felt before, or with my previous loss. I wasn’t upset in a way I need to cry or completely do something to take my mind of it, neither did I cry, and too be honest I’ve not cried once since hearing the news, even with spending a few hours our holiday with my mum talking about it. I am not sure if this is bad thing, or am I not full accepting of the loss.

A Missing Name

Nearly three weeks after the funeral, and nearly five weeks after the loss was my birthday. While I never thought anything of it, obviously the loss was in the back of my mind, but that would be the last thing they would of wanted. They would of never wanted me to put them first on my birthday.

My birthday morning started like the past few years, with my son and wife giving me my presents to unwrap in bed, and all was going well. Then I opened one of my cards and there was a only two names instead of three, and it took me by surprise.

I should of known there would only be two, but I am not sure why it hurt as much as it did. It did put a bit of downer on the rest of the morning. It even brought me to tears, which I had to hold back while I was opening presents and cards in front of my son and wife, but after they had left me to get up I had a proper cry.

After being to the funeral and with it being a good few weeks after everything, I was surprised by how much such a simple thing like the name on my birthday card affected me, but looking at it, I’ve never not had a birthday card with the name missing, so the realisation of the loss maybe takes these little things for me to grieve properly.

The Loss

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is something I don’t think you can ever prepare for, or ever get used to. The loss of every person close to you has so many different effects on you.

I consider myself to be quite lucky, being in my late 20’s and only had to deal with the loss of one family member, and that was a great nan a over 5 years ago. But over the past few years I have been to a number of funerals, and while they have effected me in different ways, I have found my recent grief rather strange.

The loss of a family member was sudden, from getting a phone call telling me they where very ill.. While they have been ill for the past few years, they had been getting along rather well considering, so the last thing I was expecting one Wednesday evening was to have a phone call explain what had happened. I never thought much more of it at the time, just that they would get taken care of, and maybe spend some time in hospital. Another update Thursday, but it did not sound to be any worse, but not sounding any better.

Then I awake to the sound of my phone at 5am Friday morning with a message from my Mum, with the bad news. I have always said never ring me in the middle of the night if anything bad has happened. So mum was being nice to let me know by text.

I replied to my mum to let her know I had got the message, rolled over and cried for a little while. Not being able to fall back asleep, once I felt a bit better I took my mind of it with doing things, until it was time to head to work.

I headed into work as I needed to carry on with my normal stuff, as my family are the ones to not want you to stop what you are doing on such occasions. While it may sound bad, they would not want me stopping stuff just because of the circumstances, even more so that I am over 300 miles from them. I was even told not to head straight down to see them, personally I did not want to, there where others around and they did not want me to suffer or put myself out.

The funeral took place within two weeks, and from the day of the news to the days leading up to the funeral, it never felt like it had sunk in, waves of grief seemed to hit in small bits. I feel one of the things that never made me grieve straight away was the distance I was from everyone. The only contact was over the telephone, and everyone puts on a bit of brave face, which is nice, but this did not help me.

My Car

I have a phobia of driving my own car, I do not have an issue as much with driving other peoples cars. I am not sure how this come about or why, but over the past couple of years it has seemed to get worse.

I am not 100% sure when it first started or why. I keep going over things in my head to work out where this phobia has come from as I used to like driving my car.

One of the things that happens when I drive my own car is that I am so aware of every noise that happens and I always think the worst, will it break down?, whats wrong now?, that’s a new noise, how much is it going cost me to get it fixed?, what happens if I get stranded?

But the funny thing is these never cross my mind in someone else’s car..

Year 2012

The year 2012 was a year of new challenges and a new start.

The year started off a little quietly, on the second day of 2012, I became an uncle for the first time, which was amazing. But it would be a couple of months before I first got to see him.
A few days later Todd started his first day at Pre-School, it was strange as it was another realisation that he’s growing up!

February was the big month of the year, as this is when I moved jobs. On paper technically I only moved to a different company, as I was employed with the same job title ‘Web Developer’, but is was far from the same. From my first day at aw20 Ltd, I have continued to learn new stuff, push boundaries, been encourage to try new things, and more.

From leaving my previous job is where the image above comes from, one of the lads made me a Back to the Future poster as a leaving gift and put my face on Marty, and it’s been my avatar ever since.

From February onwards there where no massive things to report on, but I’ve been busy ever since, with learning more and more, and trying out new ideas.

In June, two of us from aw20, got to attend the first ScotlandJS in Edinburgh, the long day of travelling was truly worth it, lots of little nuggets where picked up during the day and I am finally getting around to using them.

September Todd turned four, and started his second and final year at pre-school.

October I released a back to the future themed URL shortener called gigaw.at, which is powered by OpenBD and MongoDB, I will save all the details for a full write up which I’ve been meaning to do.

Then, November I released an open source flat file blog engine that is also powered byOpenBD, with a back to the future reference name. This came after seeing a lot of tweets one weekend about Jekyll, and Statamic, I decided to write something in OpenBD over a weekend, and to give my blog a rebirth, I wrote a little bit about it on here, I have been adding little bit’s here and there when I have needed to, and will continue to work on it.

December was a big month, with Christmas, mine and Pamela’s 4th Wedding Anniversary, and the end of the year, it seemed to all come at once… And December was my busiest month on the blog post front. I wrote 4 blog posts, released another Google Chrome Extension (an OpenBD Manual quick reference extension, read blog post ).