Two months I’ve been using for iOS and it’s been a better two months with it. Just noticed they even have an extension for Safari on the Mac which I use as my browser for general browsing.

I recommend you install them both if you are running iOS or Mac, not just for less ads on sites, but also for a safer online experience. All round it’s better!

Our biggest blindspots as CEOs

Some great points (blindspots) of being a CEO. This post is not just aimed at CEO’s there are some great points made from people under CEO’s.

“You tell your employees that your door is always open, that you want to hear their honest feedback, that you can handle the truth…and yet it doesn’t seem enough. You’re still always the last person to know anything in your company.”

The “door is always open” can be a scary prospect, walking into your bosses office and bringing up topics that you may think are above you. It’s the way you approach the topic and the tone you bring to the conversation, don’t be scared to walk into their office and ask for five minutes of their time.

Employee benefits at Basecamp

I find reading about how other companies in the world operate, and coming across this great article from basecamp on what the offer their employees as benefits is a great read. While benefits as an employee are great, do we need so many? Is this a tactic to keep employees? Obvious more benefits are better but to what cost?

Solve the Hard Problems

If you’re still not sure what to learn, go back to basics. Considering a new CSS or JavaScript framework? Invest that time in learning the underlying CSS or JavaScript really well instead. Those skills will stand the test of time.

24ways has delivered some great articles this year as ever, and I think it’s safe to say Drew’s article for the last day hit the nail on the head. The month has been full with great articles, some showing new technology and ideas, but I found Drew’s article the best of them. Especially the quote shown above. Take some time to read the article, and then think about what your going to do in 2016.

Almost Impossible

A great little, addictive and fun game from Dan Counsell. This is the first game I have installed on my iPhone since getting it six months ago. Since installing it, I’ve completed it about half a dozen times, and each time you play it, you think it’s going to get easier but far from it. I highly recommend the £1.49 ($1.99) for hours of sometimes frustrating fun.

The Ruby on Rails Episode with Developertown

The solution to real tough engineering problems is really good architecture and really good engineering, isn’t just a framework and a language.

A great episode talking around Ruby on Rails, but lots of take away bite’s not related just to Ruby on Rails

Trix Editor

Trix is a WYSIWYG editor for writing messages, comments, articles, and lists—the simple documents most web apps are made of.

Having used a few WYSIWYG editors over the years, this looks to be very promising